Yoga For Belly Fat Reduction: Yoga is an ancient way of doing exercise. In today’s hectic life many people didn’t find time to do yoga. Due to a lack of exercise and yoga, many people have a fat belly. So in this article, I have listed the 6 Best yoga asanas to reduce belly fat.

Yoga For Belly Fat Reduction

Yoga is beneficial for belly fat. It reduces unwanted fat from the belly. Yoga has many benefits for belly fat like improving digestion, acidity problems, and many more stomach problems. In this article, I talk about how yoga used for reducing belly fat with 6 asanas. Let us discuss these yoga asanas to reduce belly fat.

6 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Belly Fat

1. Pawanmuktasan
Yoga For Belly Fat Reduction

Pawanmuktasan benefits in clearing the stomach air, this asana also called Gas Release Pose. It is a great treatment to get free from stomach problems like gas and constipation. This yoga asana helps to reduce tummy.

Steps for performing Pawanmuktasan

  • Rest on your back and heels together and tie hands with the body.
  • Take long breaths and while exhaling, take your right knee to your breast. Keep the thigh with your hands, push it on the stomach.
  • Again take a long breath and while exhaling lift your head and breast from the floor. Join your chin to your right knee.
  • Stay in the state and take long deep breaths.
  • pls, Note: While exhaling, keep your knee with your hands. Create stress on the chest.
  • Exhaling, return to the floor, and rest.
  • Do this same method with the left leg and then with both feet.
  • If you need it, you can turn back and forth. Right-left can also wave 3-5 times and then relax.
2. Navasana

Navasana benefits to Strengthen the muscles of the waist. It also gives the right shape. Helpful for hernia patients. This asana is a very beneficial yoga asana to reduce tummy.

Steps for performing Naukasana

  • Rest on your back and tie both feet together. Join both hands to the body.
  • Get a long breath and while exhaling, stretch the hands to the feet and lift your legs and breast.
  • Your fingers, hands, eyes, and toes should be in a direct line.
  • Feel the stretching to compression of the abdominal muscles.
  • Continue breathing and keep the position.
  • Exhaling, come to the floor and rest.
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3. Ustrasana
yoga asanas to reduce belly fat

Ustrasana is known for “Camel Pose” in English. It is an average back-bending yoga asana that uncovers the Anahata (heart cycle). This pose produces elasticity in the body. Also gives power to the body and enhances digestive power. This yoga asana is very helpful for belly reduction.

Steps for performing Ustrasana

  • Lie on your yoga mat with your kneecaps and place both hands on the heel.
  • The knees should be equal to the arms and the soles of the toes should be to the sky.
  • Breathing, stretch the spinal cord to the forearm as if pulled from the navel.
  • Lie without hurting your neck
  • In this position, some people kept breathing.
  • Exhale and return to your initial position.
  • take hands back to your waist and be upright.
4. Uttanapadasana

Uttanapadasana is a regular yoga pose that creates stretching in the muscles of the belly, thighs and lowers back. It benefits in many digestive disorders, which creates the digestive system healthy.

Steps for performing Uttanapadasana

Source credit: stylecarez yoga
  • Rest on the yoga mat with your back to the ground.
  • Put your knees and feet together.
  • While breathing, press the paws and heel of both feet together and move the hands of both feet upwards. In an edge of about 45 to 60 degrees. You can do up to 60 degrees or even 90 degrees, but do not bend the knees while lifting the feet.
  • While exhaling, take your feet back to the ground.
  • Do this method 3-5 times.
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5. Marjariasana
source credit:

Pets can also show us yoga. A yogi’s connoisseur gaze also takes information from the world around him. Marjariasana is an outstanding example of a cat stuff vibe. This asana is a very beneficial yoga asana to reduce tummy.

Marjariasana posture = cat posture

Steps for performing Marjariasana

  • Get on your kneecaps and hands and make the body a table in various ways, get the top part of the table with your back. Make the legs around the table with hands and feet.
  • below your arms, keep the palms sticking to the floor and keep the space between the knees as the tendons.
  • Keep the neck upright in front of you.
  • move your chin upside towards the back, push your navel to the floor and move the below part of your waist to the roof. Contract both folds.
  • Stay in this situation and take long breaths and leave.
  • Now do it in the reverse situation – while exhaling, apply the chin to the breast. Lift the back to the bow state as much as you can, leaving the muscles loose.
  • Hold this position for some time and then get to the host pose as before.
  • Repeat this method five to six times and rest.
  • Yoga Expert Tip – When we do this method and with the beat, it gives more advantages and it drives us to the state of meditation.
6. Tadasana

Tadasana, also called mountain pose, is one of the fundamental asanas of yoga. Although this yoga asana is comfortable and easy to practice, it has various health advantages. To perform other major standings like handstands or headstands, you must first study and practice mountain pose. It is one of the first beginner asana commonly trained in yoga classes.

Steps for performing Tadasana

  • Stand straight and keep some gap between the legs.
  • Keep both hands nearby to your body.
  • Now take a long breath, lift both your arms over the head, and join your fingers together.
  • Keep your hands uprise and stretch.
  • raise on your toes while lifting your heel.
  • During this period, your body should feel extended from feet to fingers of hands.
  • Stay in this state for ten seconds and continue breathing.
  • Now exhale and get to your first state.
  • Repeat this yoga asana ten times.

Hope You like these 6 yoga asanas to reduce belly fat. If you perform these asanas day you might find them helpful. With these Yoga asanas, you definitely reducing belly. If you want to read more such articles you can read from my blog.

So when will you start doing these asanas ?


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