Say No To Unhealthy Food

Say no to unhealthy food : We have seen this slogan many times in a day. But the main thing is that we are not able to control ourselves eating junk food. We all know that junk food is not suitable for our health. The study found that most of the diseases today are come from eating junk food. Junk food contains many calories or much-flavored material that affect our body. Overeating junk food can cause pain in the stomach and also make your obese. In today’s scenario, many children we see around us are obese.

Say No To Unhealthy Food

All credit goes to junk food. So keep in mind that say no to Unhealthy food is not a slogan only. But keep in mind and eat junk food as less as you can. So in this article, I discuss the 10 disadvantages of junk food.

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Disadvantages of junk food

1. increase in obesity

Say No To Unhealthy Food

As I discuss above, obesity is one of the most common examples of junk food Eating too much junk food can cause obesity. Obesity leads a person to diabetes and other health problems. Because junk food contains sugar, unhealthy fat, which causes these types of diseases in our body.

2. lead to depression

Say No To Unhealthy Food

overeating junk food can cause depression because junk food contains high added sugar and unhealthy fat, which causes a chemical reaction and affect brain function, which leads a person to depression. Consuming too much junk food loses vital nutrients and minerals, .which is the leading cause of stress and depression.

3. Inadequate Growth & Development

Say No To Unhealthy Food

If a person does not eat healthy food like salad, vegetables and they survive eating junk food. So their growth rate would decrease day by day. The proper growth and development not seen in the individual because of a lack of nutrients and amino acids, essential for our body. Nutrient-rich food like vegetables, pulses, eggs, milk, etc. are necessary for our body and growth. one can focus on eating these things except junk food.

4. improper digestion

Say No To Unhealthy Food

overeating junk food can cause improper digestion in the body. Because acid which secrets and performs digestion in our body would be less in the junk food. So it may cause improper digestion to your body. It is well said that junk food digestion takes a long time to digest than regular food we eat. And it is tough for the body to digest the junk food.

5. learning problems

Say No To Unhealthy Food

A study says that people overeating junk food have low memory recognition. Because it can deteriorate our memory and make our minds week, these people may have low learning capability, and they forget things frequently. Junk food also causes inflammation in the brain.

6. Affects Fertility

Say No To Unhealthy Food

Higher eating of junk foods raises the risk of infertility in women and men. They may lead to different reproductive difficulties such as less sperm count and birth deficiency in unborn babies in the belly.

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7.Causes bone erosion

Say No To Unhealthy Food

Soft drinks and fast foods such as soda enhance the mouth’s acids, which tears down the tooth enamel and opens it to bacteria, causing and cavities and tooth decay. Fast foods can also reduce your bone strength, which raises the risk of osteoporosis.

8. Causes kidney damage

Junk foods are large in sodium, which leads to kidney disease. Sodium affects a build-up of liquid in the kidneys. As per the Harvard Medical School, an excess amount of sodium raises the risk of kidney stones because it points to a growth in calcium levels in the urine.

9. Elevates heart disease risk

Fast foods such as soda, cookies, pizza, pastries, and fries include high trans fat and sugar quantities. Trans fat is known to decrease HDL (good cholesterol) and raise LDL (bad cholesterol), which puts you at heart disease.

10. Affects the skin

Eating various junk foods such as processed foods and fried can cause multiple skin problems, including skin acne. The research revealed that adolescents and children who eat and drink fast foods and soft drinks more than three times per week are at an enhanced chance of severe eczema.

How To Overcome Eating Junk Food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat protein-rich foods
  • Munch on healthful snacks whenever you are an empty stomach
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Avoid getting too much stress
  • Practice careful eating
  • Eat vegetables and fruits

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Conclusion Say No To Junk Food

So I hope you understand how junk food kills us from inside. So Keep eating excellent and healthy food and say no to unhealthy food. The above disadvantages are very dangerous for your health. Keep in mind, Eat healthily and stay fit. In the end, health is the only thing that everyone wants right.

Have you say no to junk food or not?


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