Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank Exercise are one of the most productive workouts for our abs and core area of our body. Planks help us to reduce our stomach fat, and it helps to tight our body muscles. But doing the only plank is not the solution. Reverse plank Exercise    are also one of the best exercises for the body core. And it helps to maintain and stretch the backside of our body. It not only helpful for the backside, but it also helps to build your abs.

Reverse plank benefits

Like all different plank exercises, a reverse planks is also one of the plank variations. which helps strengthen our core and help build the lower back muscles. Because when you perform this reverse plank exercise. The primary effect would feel on the lower backside. But if your body is appropriately healthy and fit, you can also feel the impact of this reverse planks in your abs area.

reverse plank exercise

If your lower back pains, then you have not to worry. By performing this exercise, your lower lower back muscles will strengthen, and the pain will decrease. But it only happens when you complete this reverse plank in the right way. But if you feel pain while performing this exercise, you should do it with ease like regular pushups. And day by day increases the time or sets of this exercise.

How To Do The Reverse Plank Exercise

  • Get into the reverse planks by sitting on the floor with your hands behind your hips and your fingers pointing forward.
  • Ensure your feet are not on anything that will slide so you can stay in the right position.
  • Now from here, breathe in, engage your core, squeeze your glutes, stretch your knees, and point your toes.
  • In this position, you want to engage your body. keep squeezing your glutes and lifting your hips as high up as possible.
  • So you have a straight line from your toes through the knees, hips, and shoulders.
  • Extend your elbows and keep your chin tucked-in to support your neck.
  • Keep this state for as long as you can. This position puts a bit of stress on your wrists, which is good, as we want them to be nice and strong. But if you find that it’s too much stress.
  • Stay around until the end, where I’ll show you a variation that you can do without putting any strain on your wrists.

Variations in Reverse plank

1. Reverse Plank Exercise With Hands Elevated And Knees Straight

  • Place your hands on a bench to make this exercise a little bit easier.
  • Again, you extend your knees, hips, and push your shoulders away from the ears.
  • Join your core and squeeze your glutes to have a nice straight line through the body.
  • Keep this state for as long as you can. Having your hands elevated on a bench like this makes the exercise a little bit easier, but it might still be too challenging.

2. Reverse Planks Exercise  With The Hands Elevated,And The Knees Bent

  • So again, get into the same position with your hands right under your shoulders on a bench.
  • Now bend your knees, so you have around 90degrees in your knees.
  • Then again, lift your hips, have a straight line from the knee through the hip, all the way through the body, up to the shoulders, and hold this position.

3. Reverse Planks Exercise Hands Elevated, But You Are On Your Elbows Instead Of On Your Wrists

  • So in this version, you place your elbows right under your shoulders. There’s no weight on the wrists.
  • Again, here we can do it with knees bent or straight. Here I’m showing it with bent knees, but you can do it with consecutive knees as well.
  • Extend your hip and hold this reverse planks position with an engaged core and a neutral neck for as long as you can.

So that was the reverse planks and a bunch of different regressions, so you can find a variation that works just for you.

Conclusion For Reverse Planks Exercise

Reverse plank is one of the important exercises which you should add to your exercise routine. Because it helps to strengthen your lower back. And as I discuss some variation in reverse planks exercise above. So you can try which is suitable for your body and which you can do easily without harming your body. Hope you like the information provided above, and it also helps you a lot. Do these exercises in above mention steps to avoid any mistakes.

So have you added this reverse planks to your exercise routine or not?


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