how to check cholesterol at home

Check cholesterol at home

Check Cholesterol At Home

Cholesterol is the most trending topic these days. Because of increasing Death Due to Heart attack, people think that due to increased cholesterol, heart attack comes to a person. Yes, this is one of the causes, but which cholesterol is dangerous? There are two types of cholesterol present in our body, and you should know which is good for the heart and which is not. Let’s first discuss what cholesterol is and its types, and then we discuss How to Check cholesterol at home or How To Self Test For Cholesterol.

what exactly is cholesterol?

There is good cholesterol, also called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). And there is poor cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL). HDL helps shield your heart. LDL builds upon the walls of the arteries, obstructing healthy blood circulation and upping your stroke and heart attack risk.

Triglycerides are another kind of fat from the blood. Elevated levels of triglycerides also increase your stroke risk.Lets See  How to Check cholesterol at home.

How can home cholesterol tests operate?

Be sure that you read labels carefully to know just what your kit will quantify. Here is How To Self Test For Cholesterol:

Cholesterol kit with no meter: Cholesterol kits have test strips and a lancet. A lancet is a little, fine needle or blade. The strip will change colors after a moment or 2. Evaluate your test strip color using the color guide that comes with your kit. It’ll let you know your cholesterol level.

Cholesterol kit using a meter: Newer cholesterol kits have a digital meter similar to blood sugar meters utilized for diabetes. Rather than waiting for your test strip to modify colors, you add it to your meter to measure your cholesterol. These kits are more expensive than the kits using newspaper strips just. You get your blood unit at home and then ship it to a laboratory. The laboratory delivers your results either by telephone or onto a secure site.

This is How You can Check Cholesterol At Home

Which are the Advantages?

Home cholesterol test kits offer a quick and effortless way to measure your cholesterol in the convenience of the home. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that the house kits can be as precise as the evaluations your health care provider uses. But, precision varies from 1 brand to the next.

While some health care providers no more request patients to fast for 2 hours or longer before a  Self Test For Cholesterol, many still need it. However, based on the kit, you might not need to fast whatsoever.

What are the Disadvantages?

While home test kits offer you several advantages, they also have shortcomings or drawbacks. Which we can see below.

  • Restricted dimensions: Many kits only quantify your total cholesterol levels. This isn’t enough information to evaluate your heart health. For example, you may take a normal total cholesterol level but have elevated LDL or bad cholesterol. To receive a very clear evaluation of your heart health, start looking for a kit that assesses LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels.
  • Difficult to see. If you do not use a kit using a digital meter, you might have trouble studying the color on the test strip. This can make it even more challenging to interpret your test results.
  • Lack of Health evaluation: Home health kits can’t replace your health provider’s opinions.

Which house cholesterol kit is best?

An internet search for your very best house cholesterol kits can yield lists from many different sources such as Best Reviews, All Top Guide, and very well Fit. Following is a glance at 3 top-ranking kits.

  1. CardioChek provides starter kits in addition to deluxe versions. It sells for just more than 140 on Amazon.
  2. Solana Health’s Finest Home Cholesterol Test steps LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. It features all you’ll need and a postage-paid return which is sent to a laboratory. The kit sells for approximately $46 on Solana Health’s site.
  3. EverlyWell produces a whole lineup of at-home wellness evaluations from thyroid to food sensitivity. For $49 on Everlywell’s site, you receive the kit and a follow-up report with insights into your heart health and next actions.

These Are The top 3 Best kit Through Which you can do your  Self Test For Cholesterol.

How to save money on at-home test kits? 

The best way to Spend Less on-at-home evaluation kits Some opt for less than those discussed in the following guide, and others price more. To save money, think about what your objectives are for cholesterol testing. For example, do you have to test frequently to see whether your medicine is working? Are you curious about your heart health? Answering these questions can help you choose which kit is ideal for you.

  1. To conserve on the actual cost of a kit:
  2. Assess the manufacturer’s site for specials
  3. Search for coupons or promo codes on the internet
  4. Use funds from the flexible spending account (FSA) or your health savings accounts (HSA)

More than 100 million peoples in Americans have total cholesterol levels over the healthy degree of 200 mg/dL. Of that amount, over 35 million have levels of 240 mg/dL or greater. Possibly the best way to save money would be to Check Cholestrol at home, know your numbers, and begin working with your physician towards better cardiovascular health.


You can check  cholesterol at home With Cholesterol home test Kit. This is How To Self Test For Cholesterol at home

Not 100% but yeah you can rely it on somewhere around 90%. But if You want to get 100%  then you can also send you samples in laboratory and cross check the results and also you can talk to your doctor regarding it.

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