Depression During Lock Down: Feelings of Depression During lock down or want to get rid out of Depression During Lock Down. So you are in the right place in today’s article we going to talk about how to cure Depression During Lock Down . Although sitting in a home for 5-6 months is quite a long time.

Depression During Lock

In this situation, feeling depressed is common but Sometimes its feel like suicidal. It is not suitable for health first let us talk about Symptoms of Depression, and then later we talk about how to overcome Depression during the lock down.

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression During Lock

If you often feel sadness, do not ignore it. With this, You start hating yourself and start feeling that you are not an essential person for society, then understand that you are in a state of Depression.

Don’t go out of the house
Depression During Lock

If you don’t like to go out of the home or don’t want to meet the people out there, then you may be in a state of Depression.

Not Focused
Depression During Lock

When you are not able to focusing easily or repeatedly break your focus in everyday work, then understand that you are depressed.

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Suicidal Thoughts
Depression During Lock

If someone thought that he/she is not more important in society and believed that no one gives them important in family, friends and community, then the person is suffering from severe Depression.


Insomnia means when a person don’t sleep for a long time, and you don’t take sleep that required for a person, then you are in the state of Depression.

These are the five symptoms I talked about now let’s see the methods on how to cure Depression during lock down.

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How to cure Depression during the lock down

Identify your strengths

Depression sufferers often neglect their strength and goodness. So always start believing about yourself. Recognize that time when you had achieved something massive, and you felt satisfied with yourself.

It is not necessarily a significant achievement; even little things can prove to be very important at such times. Like when you initially Start riding a bicycle.. Or some sweet kitchen recipe of teens, recognizing which you still laugh and laugh.

Find a Positive Friend

When you are suffering from Depression you must have a buddy with good positive thoughts. Everyone knows that Depression is a critical problem for anybody.

You may think that no one will understand your words, but the one who is your buddy will surely understand. He will only hear you. Will not try to prove you right or wrong. He can be your best friend; your family can be a member you can trust.

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Make New Friends
Depression During Lock

Many times we take the burden of emotions on the heart, and many try to cover the truth from your loved ones. We feel that if they get to know the truth, they may judge and reject us. For fear of detached, a person continually suffocates.

Sometimes it can be okay that we cover things from our people. But talking to a stranger who does not know you are more convenient than talking to an acquaintance. Making new friends may cure your Depression.

Watch Comedy Movie

Whenever you think you are lonely, start viewing something funny on TV or mobile. It does not mean how colourless life is. But some things always stuck. If you want, you can also watch Bollywood’s and Hollywood’s comedy movies.

Give Yourself a Treat

What do you love to eat? Whenever Depression has to overcome itself, ask for your desired food and eat it fiercely. Usually, the hunger and thirst of the victims of Depression. Eating your favorite food is the best cure for Depression.

These are some ways how to overcome Depression during the lock down.Hope you liked the article if you want to read more you can checkout my blog.

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