Cardamom powder: Cardamom is an Ayurvedic staple known for its weight loss qualities. It is declared that the extremely fragrant spices have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant and diuretic attributes – all of which make cardamom one of the best spices in the world. This Fragrant spice, when mixed to desserts, dishes or tea not only provides essence but also serves benefits for your health.

Cardamom powder For Weight Loss

In addition to helping people to reduce body weight, cardamom is generally known for detoxifying the body, combating indigestion, promoting the immune system and many other benefits to help lower blood pressure.

The spice is often utilized to get rid of bad breaths and stop cavities; therefore, it is an ingredient of some chewing gums. It can help to heal from respiratory diseases and also regulate blood sugar levels. If you see for a natural way to shed those excess pounds and get rid of that obstinate stomach fat, then adding cardamom in your diet will help you get in shape and improves your body health.

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How Cardamom Powder Helpful In Weight Loss

Cardamom can prevent us with digestive problems, like bloating. This aromatic spice is the best remedy for de-bloat and betters the digestive process as well as improves the health of your stomach. The truth is that by enhancing digestibility with lifestyle and diet, you can shed body fat, promote metabolism, and lead a better and fitter life.

Cardamom can help control your cravings and enhance fat metabolism. Wonder how? Cardamom includes essential nutrients that help in weight loss and weight control. One such nutrient is called melatonin, which benefits to improve the burning process of fat in the body, providing rapid weight loss.

Cardamom powder For Weight Loss

Even more, cardamom can help to stop stomach fat deposition. A study has explained that animals fed cardamom powder supplementation was able to prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat and had no significant side effects.
Cardamom can help to stop water retention, resulting in weight gain. A Study implies that cardamom may increase urination to eliminate the water produced in your body. The diuretic qualities of cardamom can help reduce blood pressure.

How To Use Cardamom powder For Weight Loss?

Carry out the seeds of cardamom pods and use them harshly with a pestle and mortar, or the reverse of a heavy spoon. Add a small amount of this cardamom powder to low-fat milk, tea, plain water. It goes without stating that cardamom mixture alone will not aid you to lose weight unless you involve in exercise and consume a healthful and nutritious diet.

cardamom mixture with Water

Cardamom powder For Weight Loss

Mash the cardamom pod and remove all the seeds from the pod. Now in a glass of water, add the pods and seeds. Leave it for the entire night. You can also utilize cardamom powder rather of cardamom pods. Do it in the beginning after waking up in the morning time on a vacant stomach. Avoid eating and drinking any other meal or drink for at least 30-45 mins after drinking cardamom water. Take it daily to get the most of its advantages.

cardamom mixture with Tea

Boil cardamom with different spices such as cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon stick. Boil it for two minutes. Strain it to pass the tea through a colander. Add some milk, sugar or honey and heat it. You can skip milk or sugar, or both, and drink hot, spicy tea. This tea is flavored with all spices simultaneously with honey and milk, and you can take it daily instead of your normal tea.

cardamom mixture with Milk

We all want amazing added flavors in milk. Children, in particular, throw a fit when they are given a plain, dull milk. There are various ways by which you can make plain milk healthy and tasty. Almond milk, pistachio milk, saffron milk, turmeric milk are some of the drinks we all tried and liked. Cardamom milk is a delicious and healthful drink on your weight reduce diet. To prepare cardamom milk, boil and store raw milk beforehand. For a glass of milk, mash 2-3 cardamom pods with the help of pestle and mortar.

Now pour a glass of pre-boiled milk in a pan. Start cooking it. Add a few varieties of saffron and mashed cardamom and allow the milk to boil for about 5 minutes so that the essence of the spices completely escapes into the milk. Enjoy a warm, healthful drink. You can skip mixing saffron. Also, if you like your milk sweet, you can mix natural essences like agave, honey, coconut sugar.

Cooking With Cardamom

Including cardamom while cooking your meals helps in its health benefits. Mix it to paneer vegetables, Kala chana or other such meals for enhanced taste and weight loss qualities. You can also add full or mashed cardamom pods to your daily tea to give it a better taste and make it better.

Conclusion for cardamom powder

There are many health benefits of cardamom which makes your life healthier.So hope you like the above information how cardamom mixture helps you in different way.Add cardamom mixture in your diet and help you to improve your body health.

Have you added cardamom in your diet or not?


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